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These changes are wide-ranging and some specific proposals are being consulted on. In addition, the FCA will gather additional evidence and carry out further analysis before any formal decisions can be made on a number of other issues. Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, said: “High-cost credit is used by over three million consumers in the UK, some of who are the most vulnerable in society. Today, we have proposed a significant package of reforms to ensure they are better protected including the possibility of a cap on rent-to-own

“The proposals will benefit overdraft and high-cost credit users, rebalancing in the favour of the customer.

“Our immediate proposed changes will make overdraft costs more transparent and prevent people unintentionally dipping in to an overdraft in the first place. However, we believe more fundamental change is needed in the way banks charge customers for overdrafts. Given the size of the market our work here will be completed as part of our wider review into retail banking.”

By using the DAS to help transform the merchandizing process, CMOs can efficiently drive sales, improve margins, and fine-tune inventory levels. There are seven key decision points in development assortments, as shown below.


Under legislation the FCA is required to formally consult on rules it proposes to introduce. Consultations must be open and transparent, and the FCA cannot prejudge the result. In order to consult, the FCA must have a sufficient evidence base to build its proposals and develop a cost-benefit analysis,


The FCA believes that the way banks operate and charge for overdrafts needs fundamental reform. In 2016, firms made an estimated £2.3bn in revenue from overdrafts; 30% of this was from unarranged overdrafts.


The FCA is putting forward some immediate proposals today for overdrafts that it believes will save customers up to £140mn a year. Beyond that, the FCA will consider more radical options to ban fixed fees and end the distinctions around unarranged overdraft prices.

The conceptual assortment plan is a list of products, or product placeholders, that are planned for a future selling period. The DAS helps planners start building their assortments based on attributes, current styles, or even products still in development with the PLM system. Deloitte’s solution lets marketers develop one integrated assortment representing multiple channel needs, speeding the decision process that surrounds product exposure timing.

A better solution is needed, one that defines the assortment process and gives retailers the tools they need to optimize assortments.

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Once deployed, retailers begin realizing operational benefits that include optimized assortments, assortment visibility, improved inventory, data-driven decision making, and improved efficiency. In addition to operational improvements, we’re seeing an impact in financial results, such as improved sell-through rate, increased sales,

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